Amati - H.M.S. Fly, Mastelis: 1/64, B1300,03

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    Kodas: B1300,03
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  • Amati - H.M.S. Fly 
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    Modelio ilgis: 80cm
    Pagaminta: Italijoje

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    H.M.S. Fly was the fifth of twenty-five Swan Class sloops built between 1766 and 1780.
    Fly was commissioned by the Admiralty on the 1st of August 1775 and designed by the Williams shipyard. Her keel was laid in January 1776 at the Sheerness shipyard, and she was completed in September 1776, the month of her launch.
    During her career she served as an escort and dispatch vessel. She once captured a French Corsair, the Greneur, off Portland after a long chase, and in 1800 captured another, the Trompeur, at La Hague. The Swan Class sloops with their sleek lines and fine decoration, measured 97' 7"" with a displacement of 300 tons.
    They were crewed by 125 officers and men. The model is based on the official plans and original drawings.