Gift coupon

  • Terms and conditions of purchasing gift vouchers:
    Purchase our electronic gift certificate, which will reach you by e-mail immediately after payment. by mail.
    We offer gift vouchers of various amounts: 10 Eur, 20 Eur, 30 Eur, 50 Eur. Coupons can be added together, so if necessary, you can also buy coupons worth 40 Eur, 60 Eur, 80 Eur, 100 Eur.
    E.g. When buying a gift voucher for 100 Eur, you can choose to receive two coupons worth 50 Eur or four vouchers worth 25 Eur, and so on.
    You can only use one coupon per purchase. 

    Gift card 50eur
    Code: gift_coupon_DK50
    Price 50  VAT incl.
    Gift card 30eur
    Code: gift_coupon_DK30
    Price 30  VAT incl.
    Gift card 20eur
    Code: gift_coupon_DK20
    Price 20  VAT incl.