Mr.Hobby - Mr. Mark Setter NEO, 40 ml, MS-234

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    Kodas: GNZMS-234
    Kaina 799
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  • Mr.Hobby - Mr. Mark Setter NEO
    Naudojamas kartu su MS-233 
    This can be used for to stick decals firmly on parts because it is including
    ashesive component.
    Using it with the mark softer :
    1) Apply the mark setter to the position where decal is to be stuck.
    2) Stick a slide mark.
    3) Spread it evenly and remove water with a swab, etc.
    4) Apply the mark softer on it, remove water again, and dry it.
    5) Pierce air bubbles with a thin needle if the decal has air bubbles.
    Apply the mark softer on the air bubbles and stick it.