Billing Boats - Nordlandsbaaden - Wooden hull, Scale: 1/20, BB416

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    Billing Boats
    Wooden ships
  • Billing Boats - Nordlandsbaaden. Manual
    Wooden model kit. The box contains: details and assembly instructions.
    Size: L:71,0cm, W:16,0cm, H:71,0cm
    Made in Denmark

    Attention! There are no tools, paints, and glues included.

    Warning! Not suitable for children under 3 years. There are small details: danger of cracking or suffocation.
    Recommended age from 16 years.


    This type of boat, from Northern Norway, dates from the 17th Century. As a fishing boat it saw its most popular days from the 18th Century until the appearance of engine-driven fishing boats. These boats were extremely efficient and seaworthy. They represent a shipping culture and form which originates from the days of the Vikings. The boats are still built today, and they compete in races and regattas along the Northern coasts