Privacy policy

  • 1. General provisions

    1.1. UAB "BAKSAS" (hereinafter - "Company") respects the right of buyers of its articles, potential customers (who tried the services, but did not become customers) and all visitors of the website (hereinafter - "Website") (hereinafter - "Customers") to the privacy and obligates to ensure the protection of provided and obtained personal data. The Company also takes care of the assurance of rights of its customers as data subjects.
    1.2. The present policy of privacy regulates the main principles and order of collection, management and storage of the personal data of customers of the Company.
    1.3. In case you use the Website and order the services offered by the Company or use them in any form and provide the Company with your personal data, you agree with the provisions of the present policy of privacy. It is considered the customers have familiarized with the policy of privacy in case they log on the Website and tick they agree with the Company’s policy of privacy. It is always possible to refamiliarize with the policy of privacy in the Website by clicking an appropriate link.
    1.4. Managing the personal data of the Customer, we observe all the necessary laws applied by the European Union, Law on the Legal Protection of Personal Data and Republic of Lithuania as well as other legal acts on the protection of personal data.

    2. What concepts are used
    2.1. The personal data is any information about the person that was identified or can be identified (data subject); the person that can be identified is a person that can be identified directly or indirectly, first according to the identifier, such as his/her first name and surname, personal identification number, location data and online identifier or according to one or a few signs of the physical, physiological, genetic, psychical, economic, cultural or social identity of that natural person.
    2.2. The data subject is a natural person – customer of the Company (including visitors of the Website) whose personal data is collected by the Company.
    2.3. The agreement of the data subject is any concrete and unambiguous expression of the free will of the properly informed data subject with an application or unambiguous acts with that he/she agrees with the management of his/her personal data.
    2.4. The data management is any operation or sequence of operations performed with the personal data or collections of personal data by using automatic or non-automatic means, such as collection, recording, sorting, systematization, storage, adaptation or modification, acquisition, familiarization, use, disclosure by resending, distributing or enabling using them in another way as well as comparison or connection to other data, restriction, deletion or destruction.
    2.5. The data manager is a natural person or legal entity, authority, agency or another institution managing the personal data on behalf of the data manager.
    2.6. The data manager, UAB "BAKSAS", is a company that acts and was established in accordance with the legislation of the Republic of Lithuania, code 302539889, registered in Jonažolių str. 7-3, LT-04138, Vilnius, the Republic of Lithuania, the data about it is accumulated and stored in the Registry of Legal Entities.
    2.7. Direct marketing is the activity, which purpose is to contact the Customer by mail, phone or in another direct way and offer articles and services and (or) ask their opinion about the offered articles or services including the automatic way.
    3. What cookies we use and the way we do it
    3.1. Cookies are small files sent to the network browser of the user and placed in the computers or other devices of browsing persons when they first visit the website. Later, cookies are used in the website in order to ensure the best possible use of the website for the user when the computer of the user is identified and the access to the website or its information is facilitated in order to adapt the content of the website in the most convenient way for the user.
    3.2. These cookies are used in the Website as well as related systems of the Company in order to serve the Customer in a proper way. Cookies are used when logging on the customer system to the address, reviewing the video content in YouTube (educational material), working with the help system in and logging on your server, mail check system and other information systems that use cookies; you are entitled to familiarize with the policy of privacy of these systems and with cookies.
    3.3. In order to enable you to browse in the Website in a more convenient and effective way and provide useful offers, we use the following cookies in the Website: PHPSESSID (information of the session), "CookieInfoScript" (agreement with used cookies), _gat, _ga, _git, __utma, __utmb, __utmc, __utmt, __utmz (cookies used by Google Analytics), datr, Fr, sb, locale, reg_ext_ref, reg_fb_gate, reg_fb_ref (cookies used by Facebook Pixel) and "GPS", "PREF", "VISITOR_INFO1_LIVE", "YSC" (information on the translation of the video content of YouTube).
    3.4. Right of the Customer to refuse of cookies – the Customer can always delete or block some or all recorded cookies in their computers or other devices by changing the browser settings. You can find more information about the deletion or blocking of cookies in the website of the manufacturer of your browser. Attention should be paid that in case you perform these acts, some functions of the website can stop partially or fully and become inaccessible. The Customer understands the grafts of third parties (partners, statistics collection systems, communication systems etc.) can be used in the Website and they also use cookies for the assurance of their proper functionality. It is to emphasize the website manager does not control, is not liable and cannot be liable for any cookies used by third parties, their contents and protection of privacy applied in their websites, so we recommend familiarizing with it individually in every case.

    4. What personal data is collected
    4.1. The Company collects and manages the personal data of the Customer provided by the Customer by using and ordering services in the Website or ordering services in another way: first name, surname, address, e-mail address, phone number, IP address and other data related with the particularity of the service ordering (name, settings of the e-shop...). It is to emphasize you provide additional data on your own initiative by logging on and/or ordering and managing the services provided by the Company.
    4.2. The personal data indicated by the Customer is stored in the period of cooperation between the Company and the Customer (period of service provision) and for 10 (ten) years since the end of this period. The data can be stored for a shorter period in case there is no legal ground.

    5. For what purpose we manage the personal data and the way we do it
    5.1. The data about the Customer will be managed by the Company in a legal, honest and transparent way (in the principle of legality, honesty and transparency).
    5.2. The Company manages the above-mentioned personal data of the Customer for the processing and administration of the article or/and service purchasing/ordering, identification of Customers of the Company in the information systems of the Company, connection of servers of the Company, management of the service ordering-related documents, communication with you on the execution of contractual obligations and for the purposes of direct marketing (with the prior agreement of data subjects).
    5.3. We ensure that the personal data of the Customer is and will be managed in a legal, honest and transparent way, collected for the set, clearly defined and legal purposes and it will not be managed in the way that is not coordinated with these purposes, it will be adequate, proper and just for the purposes it is managed for, exact and updated if necessary, managed in the way so that proper safety of personal data can be ensured by using appropriate technical and organizational means including the protection from the data management without permission or illegal data management and unintentional loss, destruction or damage (in the principle of integrity and confidentiality).

    6. What rights of data subjects do you have?
    6.1. The Customer is entitled to withdraw his/her agreement at any time. The withdrawal of the agreement does not affect the legality of the data management based on the agreement before the withdrawal of the agreement. The data subject is informed about it before he/she gives an agreement. The withdrawal of the agreement is as easy as its giving.
    6.2. You have the rights of data subjects that may be implemented after getting an application from the Customer by registered mail to the address Jonažolių str. 7-3, LT-04138 Vilnius and after you confirm your identity properly. The Customer is entitled to familiarize with his/her personal data and the way of its management, request to correct any inexact personal data that is related with the Customer and request to supplement incomprehensive personal data of the Customer.
    6.3. The Customer is entitled to request from the Company to delete any Customer-related personal data in case it is unnecessary to reach the purposes, for which it was collected or managed in another way; the agreement is withdrawn and there is no other legal ground to manage the personal data of the Customer; the personal data was managed illegally; for other grounds set out in the Regulations; to request from the Company to restrict the management of the personal data of the Customer; to get the Customer-related personal data that was provided to the Company in the systemized, usual and computer-read format; the Customer is also entitled to ask the Company to transfer the personal data to another data manager; to disagree with the management of related personal data (for example, for direct marketing etc.).

    7. The way we manage personal data with the purpose of direct marketing
    7.1. The Company will only contact the Customer with the prior agreement of the Customer and in accordance with the provisions of the Law on Electronic Communications, Law on the Legal Protection of Personal Data and the Regulations. We will send newsletters of the Company by e-mail or phone and/or ask about the quality of present services and other related questions.
    7.2. We manage the following personal data of the Customer for the purpose of direct marketing: name, e-mail address, phone number.
    7.3. The personal data of the Customer is stored for the purpose of direct marketing until the Customer provides a refusal to get notifications of direct marketing (this link of refusal is provided in the lower part of every letter that is sent).

    8. Whom we provide your personal data
    8.1. The access to the personal data of the Customer is only provided to the employees of the Company in case it is necessary to implement their duties and after the employee obligates to observe the requirement of confidentiality.
    8.2. The Company can provide the personal data of the Customer to the data managers that provide services to the Company and manage the personal data of the Customer on behalf of the Company and to the benefit of the Company or the Customer, to the legal authorities in case there is a legal ground, to other third parties with the agreement of the Customer. These data managers are entitled to manage the personal data of the Customer according to the instructions of the Company only.
    8.3. The personal data of the Customer can be sent to other states (including third states) for the ordering and provision of certain services (for example, registration of domains/certificates in other states...).
    8.4. The personal data of the Customer can also be provided when answering official requests of the state authorities and the court, but only after making sure these requests are legal.