"Friends Club"

  • How do you become a member of the Modeliukai.lt Friends Club?

    1. Log in with your account on our website www.modeliukai.lt
    2. Become a subscriber to our newsletter, where you will be the first to see all the news and promotions. 

    3. After logging into your account, in the "Club of Friends" section, check the box next to the consent to participate in the "Club of Friends" loyalty program.   

    Why is it worth becoming a member of the Friends Club?

    • As a member of the Friends Club, you are entitled to regularly receive the added value that will be offered at various times to all participants in the programme.
    • Friends Club members get a chance to buy goods at a lower price in an online shop.
    • You get loyalty points for each item you buy in the Modeliukai.lt online store, which you can use to purchase items at a lower price the next time you shop with us.
    • Newsletter subscribers are the first to receive information about sales, promotions and special offers.

    Additional information for Friends Club members:

    • Delete the tick in the Friends Club section of your account to terminate your membership of the Friends Club. When a programme participant deletes their account, participation in the programme is terminated.
    • Modeliukai.lt may block a Friends Club member account for suspected misuse or fraud.
    • Programme participation is also terminated if the participant has not logged into their account in an online store for more than two years.
    • The loyalty programme participant agrees to provide accurate and correct personal data. A person who has not provided mandatory data may not participate in the programme. In the event of a change in the submitted data, the participant of the loyalty program must inform the Modeliukai.lt representatives thereof and update the changed personal data in the account, or by contacting the company by e-mail to: info@modeliukai.lt